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The only online Personal Stylist Course to teach you all the skills of a profitable personal stylist in just 6 weeks.

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The most valuable face to face &
online personal styling courses in the industry.

You will learn the skills, services and business model to provide your very own five-star review styling services to clients all over the world!

PSA’s cutting-edge Personal Stylist Certification course is offered as either home study or face to face.

Developed over 9 years, based on 20 years of personal styling and business owner experience our sell-out personal stylist course is now also available online.

Home Study Personal Stylist
Certification Course

The freedom to study at your own pace at home

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Face to Face Personal Stylist
Certification Course

Live 5-Day intensive course

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Lucia Peters

This course changed my life it truly is a Fantastic opportunity to build and grow as a Female but also change direction in your life if you have felt like you are not following your Passion.

I now follow my passion working with women helping them become Visible again through self-care self-love and a positive body image. Thank you Cindy Newstead from the PSA, truly changed my life..

Lucia Peters, Follow Your Style

Tamara Durham

I am SO GLAD I took this course! I am grateful to Cindy for being an amazing teacher! She was so open and sincere about her experience and about what it is to be a personal stylist that I am excited and confident that this is what I was called to do! I learnt many new things and realized that to be a stylist is to be someone that can truly change lives. Also loved how it was just an intimate group that I now have new friends that are just as passionate as I to make a difference.

Tamara Durham, Personal Stylist

Susie Katz

Cindy’s teaching and delivery of the course was perfect for me as I’m a visual learner and when she is speaking she is wonderfully passionate about what she is teaching. Cindy spoke from the heart, she was funny and animated with such a wealth of knowledge but more importantly experience in the real world with real people. Cindy is encouraging and a real confidence booster and I loved when we thought we had made a mistake she would correct us in a very positive way… “it is not a mistake it is a learning”

Susie Katz, Stylist

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Why PSA is different?

Not just another course provider, OUR FACILITATOR WALKS THE TALK!

Cindy Newstead is a successful stylist and business owner working with clients in the industry today.

While 8,500 consultations under her belt is impressive, Cindy still conducts styling sessions to show you she is at the forefront of personal styling with her finger firmly on the pulse.

Cindy is not just teaching you the theory of what a career in personal styling could be.

Cindy is teaching the business model and services that are currently running and have been for 20 years at Style With Cindy so that you replicate this success.

The success of Style With Cindy is a testament to Cindy’s skill level and business savvy.

Style With Cindy has grown from Cindy working solo to the largest and most successful country wide styling company. Cindy with a number of stylists working within the company who are solidly booked and receiving 10/10 feedback!


Cindy is so passionate about transforming the lives of everyday men and women through empowering them in their wardrobe.

It may seem like a simple concept, but truly, the positive difference you can make in the lives of others by simply building their self-esteem and confidence by improving their appearance is incredible.

Cindy was so inspired by her experience with clients, but as a solidly booked out stylist her reach only went so far. For Cindy, what become the most important priority was to help as many men and women as possible! That’s when Cindy decided to develop a course to teach men and women how to style in a powerful and meaningful way and PSA was born.

PSA is sending highly skilled and passionate stylists into the world to help men and women of all ages, sizes, ethnicities and budgets providing a truly inclusive experience for those needing help – something we are very proud of!


Is there enough work out there for stylists?2020-03-20T23:54:11+00:00

The one certainty that has stood the test of time is that our appearance is always a priority for a vast majority of us. An era is identified by the type of clothing and what was in fashion, the hairstyles, the makeup… it’s always has been and always will be important to express yourself through your clothing.

Today, we are experiencing the most growth in personal styling that has ever been seen. Due to social media and the pressures of what we consume online, the ever growing ways we alter our appearance, such as procedures and products people are investing more than ever before!

While the professional need for stylists in the editorial world is still booming for online media, the everyday person in both small business and large business now needs an image to impress on their website and social media.

Today’s society is time poor, and the service industry is one that is growing exponentially as we look at ways to outsource and improve our lives. Just as the way personal trainers burst onto the scene personal styling is now in demand and forefront in the minds of men and women everywhere.

Are there any prerequisites to enrol in any of your courses?

None other than that we ask for passion.

We want you to be passionate about helping others become the very best versions of themselves, to feel fantastic in the skin they are in not feel pressured to change anything about their body. We want you to align with the idea that every body is beautiful, regardless of age and size.

Do You Offer Payment Plans?2020-03-20T23:51:25+00:00

Yes, we do!

We offer payment plans so that you can start living your dream as soon as possible.

You can refer to our prospectus to select an affordable option that is right for you.

Which is right for me? Face- Face or online?

We certainly have students travel to Australia to complete the face to face course, however now that we have developed the online course if distance is a concern it is a fantastic option!

The online course is very visual and when you complete the easy, fun set fashion exercises it is just as hands on as the face to face course.

We even include recordings of the face to face course so you feel like you are one of the class!

If budget is a concern, completing the course online is a considerable saving of 50% compared to the price of the face to face course.

The benefits of completing the course online include being able to consume the content repeatedly vs. once in real life at the face to face course.

What can I expect from the online course?

Easy, fun and highly visual, our course is designed for beginners into the world of styling.

We have designed the course for creative, visual learners who benefit from video content combined with hands on exercises and an easy to follow, interactive, editable worksheets for each module.

How Long does the online course go for?

We recommend following the 6-week schedule that we set for you, however if you are a slower or faster learner you can complete the course at your own pace. It is up to you!

Is everyone certified?

You will need to complete the assessment questions at the conclusion of the course to receive your certification. If you have completed all of the modules you will have no issue answering the questions to obtain your certification.

Where are the courses held?2020-03-20T23:51:20+00:00

Our face to face course is conducted in our home of Australia, three times a year in each state.

We know Australia is quite far from many parts of the world, which is why we have created the online course!


  • Sydney – Bondi Junction
  • Melbourne – Chadstone
  • Gold Coast – Broadbeach